It is 12th February 2015. The Readings are from Gen. 2:18-25 and the Gospel from Mk 7:24-30. The first reading describes about the creation of woman. God’s concern for man ends in finding a suitable companion for him in creating someone from human flesh. Man was created from the dust while woman is created from the flesh of the man. By creating them, God brought an equal partnership between man and woman. There is no superior gender between them. They were created for¬†each other. One lives by the other and continues the creative power of God through their love. “Now both of them were naked, the man and his wife, but they felt no shame in front of each other.” (Gen.2:25). There is no shame when there is innocence of heart and love present between man and woman. As long as man and woman are exposed to God, there is no awkwardness and embarrassment between them. The Responsorial Psalm shares the glory of the family, “O blessed are those who fear the Lord.” (Ps.127:1). The Gospel brings out the power of Jesus healing at a distance to a Greek lady’s daughter. Jesus sets his preference of healing yet faith and approach of the woman wins the heart of Jesus. The choice of words she used brought a blessing to her. In addition to that, Jesus enjoys the supreme power over any evil from a distance. The presence of Jesus is all prevailing over any evil even at a great distance. Jesus is willing to deal with the evil wherever it may be, do we have the disposition of heart like that of this lady in the Gospel? May God bless you and have a good day.

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