It is 11th March 2015. The readings are Deut.4:1, 5-9 and Gospel from Mt. 5:17-19. In the first reading, Moses convinces the people of Israel to follow the Laws and customs of God in order to be the great nation. These laws are to guide people to have a healthy life, and devoted to God. Laws are there to point out the potentially sinful side and the way to deal with them. Moses wished the people to hand over the richness of the religion to the children. We the people of God are expected to follow the Ten Commandments and other required laws in order to be fruitful in our lives. The Responsorial Psalm praises telling, “Praise the Lord, Jerusalem.” (Ps.147:12a). The Gospel continues to reflect the purpose of laws and the fulfilment of the laws is Jesus. During the time of Jesus, the religious leaders misquoted and misapplied the rules. Jesus proposed a new way as the original purpose of law for people. Jesus spoke about the abuses of the laws after all in Him everything is fulfilled. There are three types of laws in the Bible. The ceremonial laws dealt with worship, the civil laws guided the daily living, and the moral laws directed people to follow the will of God. Mostly, the religious leaders accused Jesus for not obeying the ceremonial laws. Jesus wanted us to obey the laws not merely explaining them. Lenten time invites us to obey the laws of God and to lead a spiritually and temporally healthy life. Let us not just remain in interpreting rather to obey them personally and get benefited. May God bless you.

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