It is 21st March 2015. The readings from Jer.11:18-20 and the Gospel from Jn. 7:40-53. The first reading describes the plot to kill Jeremiah. People wanted to silence the message of Jeremiah for economical, religious, political and personal reasons. His message against the idol worship hurt the business of idol makers. Religiously, his messages made people to examine their conscience. He attacked the political leaders for their hypocrisy. His preaching penetrated the hearts of people and made them to feel what they have done wrong against God and neighbours. Jeremiah had two options; one is to run away from the situations or to call on God. Jeremiah chose the latter and God answered his prayers. We are invited to call on God on all situations. The responsorial Psalm prays, “Lord God, I take refuge in you.” (Ps.7:2). The Gospel presents the preparation for the arrest of Jesus. Leaders discussed about who Jesus was. Ignorance of Jesus leads them to go ahead with the arrest of Jesus. Nicodemus took the side of Jesus, the Truth. Our analytical and critical thinking do not take us to the Truth. When we think that we know the truth, we find it hard to see the Truth elsewhere. Because our pride and all-knowing mentality, we ignore or side-line the Truth. It is a humble submission and surrender and complete exposition to the Truth help us to know Jesus. During this Lent, let us not be involved in analysing God rather we shall take the side of Jesus in order to know and love God.

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