It is 30th March 2015. The readings are from Is.42:1-7 and the Gospel from Jn.12:1-11. The first reading describes about the Servant Messiah. Chosen Servant has gentleness, encouragement, justice, and truth. Israel and Messiah are the servant. Both have to reveal God to others. “To be a covenant for the people, and a light for the Gentiles.” (Is.42:6). God invites us to be the servant to the Messiah. What a privilege to serve the Messiah. Let us allow the light of Jesus to permeate our lives before we become the light for others. The responsorial Psalm defines God as our salvation, “The Lord is my light and my salvation.” (Ps.27:1a). The Gospel is about the anointment of Jesus by Mary and the plot to arrest and kill Jesus. The anointing of Jesus’ feet was in preparation for Jesus burial by a true follower. On the contrary, Judas, who is a thief, a liar, a protester and a betrayer found fault with the anointment because he had no concern for the poor. Jesus does not justify the indifference towards the poor. What we need to remember is, “I therefore command you, open your hand to the poor and needy neighbours in your land.” (Deut.15:12). Mary a true disciple by her act and Judas the false disciple by his intentionally evil speech. Serving Jesus truly brings out our loyalty to Him. Holy Week is the time to intensify our loyalty to Jesus through our acts of mercy. Beware of sins during this most intimate time of our salvation. Every tiny sin distances us from Jesus during His passion and suffering. May the Lord help us to follow Him until we see Him in glory. May you have blessed time.

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