It is 02nd June 2015. The readings are from Tob.2:9-14 and the Gospel from Mk. 12:13-17. The first reading is a strong reminder for us that God rewards fidelity and punishes sin. The entire book of Tobit deals with retribution, reward and punishment. God’s reward for our faithfulness comes in the form of grace. “The Father who sees all that is done in secret, will reward you.” (Mt.6:8). Our faithfulness to God leads us to be open and transparent to the realities of our call. “What about your own alms? What about your own good works? Everyone knows what return you have had for them. (Tob.2:14). The responsorial Psalm encourages us to trust the Lord, “With a firm heart he trusts in the Lord.” (Ps.111:7). The Gospel tries to clarify that what portion belongs to the state and what portion belongs to God. Pharisees did not like Jesus because Jesus exposed their hypocrisy. Herodians lost their power due to an unrest and feared that Jesus would weaken the situation. Romans expected all people to pay tax. But Jews never liked to pay tax to Romans because most of it was spent on the pagan gods and luxurious living. Pharisees and Herodians wanted to put Jesus in difficulty. But Jesus answered them so wisely. “Give back to Caesar what belongs to Caesar – and to God what belongs to God.” (Mk.12:17). The image that is portrayed on the coin must be given to Cesar and the image that portrayed God must be given to God. We are the image of the living God. We have a moral duty to be responsible to pay the state and we have the spiritual obligation to offer our lives to God. Are we giving God what God duly and rightfully God’s? May the Lord help us to open our lives to God in generosity.

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