It is 06th June 2015. We celebrate the memorial of St. Norbert, Bishop. The readings are from Tob.12:1,5-15,20 and the Gospel from Mk.12:38-44. The first reading makes us to believe more strongly in the help of the angels. Angels are at the beck and call of God and they are sent by God to us to assist in times of needs. Angels stand before God and live in the presence of God. They guide us, protect us, instruct us, test us and mediate us through prayer. Angels should not be worshiped. All praise and thanksgiving is due to God. Arch Angel Raphael came to help Tobit and to teach a valuable lesson. “Do good and evil will not overtake you. Prayer with fasting is good, but better than both is almsgiving with righteousness.” (Tob.12:7,8). Benefits of almsgiving is very foundational to our Christian living. We all need to practice almsgiving along with prayer and fasting to see God and God’s goodness in our lives. The responsorial Psalm extols God, “Blessed be God who lives for ever.”(Tob.13:1) In the Gospel, once again, Jesus exposes the impure motives of the religious leaders. Some religious leaders were taking advantage of the rich and cheating the poor. Jesus praises the poor widow for her gesture in giving to the house of God and He chides those who pretend to be holy outwardly. Even though she was poor, she was very rich in giving. She came to God not to receive more rather to give to God and acknowledge God. God is looking for generous people like this poor widow. We glorify God in every moment we give. Only in giving we begin acknowledge God. The alms for the missionary activities in the church mostly comes from the poor. Jesus is not looking for a good impression in the church but rather a meaningful expressions in our communities. We must not become showy or phony people in giving. Let us be generous even when we are not noticed by anyone. May the Lord help us to be generous. Have a good day.

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