It is 10th June 2015. The readings are from 2 Cor. 3:4-11 and the Gospel from Mt. 5:17-19. The first reading talks about St. Paul’s ministry to the New Covenant. He makes a meaningful comparison between the Old and the New Covenant; placing the New over the Old. He claims that our competence in ministry comes from God’s Spirit. All our natural talents can only take us for a short while but life in the Spirit will qualify us and quantify us to be the ministers of the Lord. Law can point out sins and it cannot give life. The law found its fulfilment in Christ (Rom.10:4). It is the Spirit that gives life through our faith in Jesus. The moral law points out our sins and areas of growth but forgiveness, the removal of guilt and shame comes through grace and mercy of God in Christ. The law is only leading us to Christ. It was the educator towards Christ (Gal.3:24). The Responsorial Psalm praises God, “You are holy, O Lord our God.” (Ps.98:9). The Gospel points out the abuse of law and the excessive misapplication and misquoting. Jesus came to fulfil the laws and to take us back to the original purpose of law. Jesus wants us to have spirit of the law not merely the letter of the law. Many of us follow the laws externally and ignore the purpose the spirit of law. This outward observance of law only leads us to legalism but not what God wants from us. It is very easy to study the law and teach people to obey them rather than to practice them. Do we obey God’s law or just follow them? Obeying comes through the Spirit of the law and the following comes from the letter of the law. May the Lord help us to go to the crux of the law. May you have a good day.

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