It is 12th August 2015. We have the memorial of St. Jane Frances de Chantal, Religious. The readings are from Deut.34:1-12 and Mt. 18:15-20. The first reading speaks about the death of Moses and the mourning of people of Israel. Moses was given the chance to see the Promise Land from Mount Nebo and then he died. Moses handed over the leadership to Joshua and left selflessly and wisely. The responsorial Psalm praises, “Blessed be God who gave life to my soul.” (Ps.65:9). The Gospel teaches us the way of freedom and spiritual power in damaged, injured or broken relationships. Misunderstandings and conflicts are bound to happen when human beings begin to live together in intimacy. We are urged by the Lord today to settle our conflicts privately, face to face and heart to heart. We must always avoid brooding over the injustices and injuries done by the other. It is not at all good to write a letter to explain your position. Because it does not convey what you exactly feel at that moment. Human voice has the power of healing and so speak to the other in person. Before telling the mistake of the other, first acknowledge your good and bad contributions to the side of the issues. When we truly want peace and reconciliation, we must always speak calmly, clearly and sincerely. Not all hurts be healed by talking. It is God’s love and time heals the wounds of every human being. Let us not rush for the shores of peace without dealing with the roaring waves of feelings and emotions. We cannot heal someone externally. Emotional wounds are visible even when we smile and pretend. We have ourselves, our community, and our Church and God to repair any injury in a given relationship. May the Lord bless you today with peace.

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