It is 28th August 2015. We celebrate the memorial of St. Augustine, the Bishop and the Doctor. The readings are from 1 Thess.4:1-8 and the Gospel from Mt.25:1-13. The first reading reminds us about out call to be holy. The church of Thessalonika began to fall prey to sex, fraud, partying, and denominational movements. Paul offers a spiritual guideline to them that the will of God is their sanctification. Sanctification is living a pure and perfect life daily and to observe all that the Lord has taught us through the Scriptures. Living in sin continuously is directly rejecting God. Faith in Jesus coexists with a moral life because they are from the same source. Faith without a moral life is a lie. “We have been called by God to be holy, not be immoral; in other words, anyone who objects is not objecting to a human authority, but to God, who gives you God’s Holy Spirit.” (1 Thess.4:8). The Responsorial Psalm sings, “Rejoice, you just, in the Lord.” (Ps.96:12). The Gospel warns us to be ready to meet Jesus, the Bridegroom. The parable of five foolish and five sensible bridesmaids is a lesson for us as we are awaiting to meet our Redeemer. The foolishness is not being ready. Drowsiness could mean our tiredness in waiting, unpreparedness to be alert and a kind of lethargy in our spiritual life. Our good works and faith are the shining light that honours our call to meet the Lord. Let us not fool ourselves allowing our lives without the spiritual fervor. Try to be sensible and holy in all we do and say because no one knows the coming of the Bridegroom. May God grant you courage to be holy.

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