It is 26th October 2015. The readings are from Rom.8:12-17 and the Gospel from Lk.13:10-17. The first reading declares that there is life through the Spirit of God and inviting us not to live by the unspiritual self. Indeed, through the Spirit of God we have become the children of God. It is the Holy Spirit, who offers us the privilege to be the member of the family of God. It is through the Holy Spirit, we begin to enjoy a new relationship with God. It is the privilege to be part of God’s family. Every privilege comes with the responsibility. We need to go through the sufferings in the world for the sake of Jesus. No personal suffering can match the sufferings of Christ. The responsorial Psalm prays, “This God of ours is a God who saves.” (Ps.67:21). The Gospel brings out the healing of a possessed lady by Jesus on a sabbath day. Jesus frees the woman from the captivity of the law as well as from her physical illness. Let us try to save people over saving rules and rubrics. In our lives, may we be able to imbibe the Spirit of the Law over the Letter of the Law. Let us begin to do good and to help others even if it costs our public image. Never stop doing good even if people condemn your good work. May the Lord reward you with peace for the good work you do.

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