It is 20th November 2015. The readings are from 1 Mac.4:36-37, 52-59 and the Gospel from Lk.19:45-48. The first reading speaks about the restoration and rededication of the temple. This event is celebrated annually. We too have an account of such celebration during the time of Jesus in the tenth chapter of John. The personal sacrifices make the religion more meaningful in the lives of people. True and authentic worship leads us beyond the peripherals and culminate in our spirit and truth. A constant cleansing and purification is needed for any place of worship. The responsorial Psalm acclaims, “We praise your glorious name, O Lord.” (1 Chron.29:13). The Gospel presents the restoration of the temple by Jesus. Jesus claims the temple as is His own and wanted it free of trade and looters. “My house will be a house of prayer. But you have turned it into a robbers’ den.” (Lk.19: 46) A place of worship and prayer must have its conducive atmosphere for the believer to commune with God. Are our churches become a noisy and unclean places? Are we desecrating the sacredness of our worshiping places in anyway? We too need to examine the ways we keep our churches. We must not lose focus, purpose and importance of prayer in our churches by giving extra-ordinary importance to music, decoration and unapproved rituals. Our churches are holy and will remain holy without its noisy music and pompous decorations. May the Lord help us to offer the dignity that our worshiping places truly deserve. May God bless you and have a good day.

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