It is 13th December 2015. We celebrate the Third Sunday of Advent which is traditionally called as Gaudete Sunday. The readings are from Zep. 3:14-18a; Phil.4:4-7 and the Gospel from Lk.3:10-18. The first reading promises that the Lord will forgive God’s people and God will redeem them from all their enemies. God is in our midst of us and therefore God rejoices in us. The responsorial verse praises, “Cry out with joy and gladness; for among you is the great and Holy One of Israel.” (Is.12:6). The second reading urges us to rejoice in the Lord because the Lord is so close to Lord’s people. We have a reason to rejoice in the Lord because the Lord continues to be good to us. In the Gospel, John the Baptist invites us to the baptism of repentance, a change of ways. It is the time to meet Christ in a unique way. Our personal transformation must gear us forward to encounter the other Christ in the poor and the needy. It is the time to reshape our character and behaviour through adhering to God’s call for justice within the context we live. Let us not forget the poor during the Christmas celebrations. It is time to rejoice and reflect on all that we have received from the Lord. In a very special way, during this year of Mercy, we are encouraged to be aware of God’s mercy and to manifest God’s presence and compassion to others. As we have experienced the mercies of God, so it is our turn to share. May the Lord bless you to rejoice always in the Lord.

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