It is 19th December 2015. The readings are from Judg.13:2-7, 24-25a and the Gospel from Lk.1:5-25. The first reading illustrates the conception of Samson. God prepared the mother to have a son whose name was Samson. He is set apart for God’s work and will be a judge and leader of the nation. He was to be a Nazarene. It is a vow made either permanently or temporarily. In Samson’s case, it was made by their parents permanently. To be a Nazarene, one must not touch the dead body, not to cut hair, not to drink alcohol and not to eat unclean things. God’s spirit accompanies such sacrifices. Poor judgement, mismanagement of God’s power and falling into sins made Samson to fall from grace. Whenever we deviate from the plan of God and adhering to our own plans, we might end up destroying the plan of God. The responsorial Psalm praises, “My lips are filled with your praise, with your glory all the day long.” (Ps.70:8). The Gospel presents the conception of John the Baptist. Zechariah and Elizabeth were given a special favour by God for their obedience and uprightness to God. John means ‘the Lord is gracious.’ John was set apart for a special task for God. He took the ancient vow of Nazarene. John’s role was to bring the people back to God and preparing people to meet the Messiah. We too need to do our part bringing someone to God through our personal and secret sacrifices known to God alone. May God bless you and have a good day.

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