It is 22nd December 2015. The readings are from 1 Sam.1:24-28 and the Gospel from Lk.1:46-56. The first reading recounts the birth of Samuel and the dedication of the little boy to God by the mother. Hanna brought the three year old Samuel to the temple and left him for the lifetime service to God. Hanna offered back to God what she received; her future and her life through her son. While offering the significant gift God gave, Hanna expressed her gratitude and joy in a poem. This poem is the responsorial Psalm of the day. We need to examine what kind of returning we bring to the Lord. Do we honour our vows and remember what the Lord has done to us personally? Christmas is a time to give back what we have received, starting from God and to those who made us to walk thick and thin. It is God who makes our lives spring up with life, peace, joy and happiness all throughout the year. The responsorial Verse praises God, “My heart exults in the Lord my savior.” (1Sam.2:1). The Gospel resonates the sentiments of gratitude from Mary through the Magnificat which brings out a new world trajectory and a new curve in the order of the world – a deliverance to all who are lowly and humble to be placed high above all the rest. Mary personalizes the song of Hannah from the Old Testament and makes her own new Hymn of praise and thanksgiving to God. Mary exults in the Lord for the promise God had fulfilled to the entire humanity. In this Jubilee of Mercy, let us share the compassion of Christ, just like Mary through the Corporal Works of Mercy. May God bless you and have a good day.

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