It is 02nd January 2016. We celebrate the memorials of saints Basil the great and Gregory Nazianzen. The readings are from 1Jn.2:22-28 and the Gospel from Jn.1:19-28. The first reading deals with the false belief among people spread by a group. Some denied the incarnation of Jesus and believed only in spirit. St. John cautions us to be on guard about such people who try to present their theories on the nature of Jesus. Even today, we are coming across so many theories which either accept the humanity of Christ and refusing the divinity of Christ and vice versa. Some of them are so appealing to our minds with the impressive interpretation from the Scriptures. We need to recognise these false teachers among us who deny that Jesus is the Messiah. Our steadfastness pays at the end. The responsorial Psalm praises: “All the ends of the earth have seen the salvation of our God.” (Ps.97:3). In the Gospel we encounter John the Baptist as the voice in the wilderness preparing the way of the Lord. When we know our calling to be humble and merciful, we begin to echo the Lord. However, feeble our voice can be, it can still do the work of preparing the way of the Lord in our lives and around. Right from the start of this New Year, let us put God first in all we say and do. Have a good day.

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