It is 17th May 2016. The readings are from James 4:1-10; and the Gospel from Mark 9:30-37. The first reading points out that all wars come out of pride, lust and materialism. The fruit of wisdom is peace. People who are motivated by pride begin to lie a lot about their projected and overstuffed truth coupled with lust which is selfishly gratifying against the goodness of the intentions of God. St. James teaches us today that we must be careful not to allow pride, lust and greediness or materialism be the controllers of our existence. When we are filled with our personal desires and lust, even our prayers seem to be unfruitful. We need to master humility and the right approach to God. “Therefore, submit yourself to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. The nearer you go to God, the nearer God will come to you.” (James 4:7, 8). The responsorial Psalm reassures, “Entrust your cares to the Lord and God will support you.” (Ps.54:23). The Gospel communicates to us that pride is the root of our lack of understanding the intentions of Jesus. There is a thirst in us to control, dominate, subdue, command, trample on, subjugating and bossing over others. The greatness of the person is in the service they offer to the other. Jesus wants us to put on the mind-set of a child to be weak and willing to accept the help from others. We need to put the service to humanity first before our personal welfare of the self. Fighting for positions and places of honour is indeed childish and selfish in its entirety. May God bless you to be humble and to be reminded that we all need help and to render help to others. May you have a day full of peace and blessings.

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