It is 25th August 2016. We celebrate the memorial of Saints Louis and Joseph Calasan, the priests. The readings are from 1 Corinthians 1:1-9; and the Gospel from Matthew 24:42-51. In the first reading, St. Paul begins the letter with the positive note of appreciation and encouraging to be set apart and be holy because they belong to God. The Church belongs to God and it is One. He praises God for having given grace to God’s people to be the teachers, preachers and witness through the Spirit of God. The responsorial Psalm sings, “I will bless your name for ever, O Lord.” (Ps.144:1). The Gospel reminds us that the Son of Man will come when we least expect Him. And therefore, we are asked to be watchful, to be alert and attentive to the opportunities God offers. It is more than waiting and be prepared and ready to meet the Lord. A serious account of our lives will be asked by God. We need to be ready at all time living our Christian life every single moment by being faithful to Christ and to His Gospel. “Happy that servant if his master’s arrival finds him at his employment.” (Mt. 24:46). May the Lord bless you and have a good day.

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