It is 28th September 2016. The readings are from Job 9:1-16; and the Gospel from Luke 9:57-62. The first reading teaches us that God is always right and no one understand the mind and the ways of God. God is too great to be comprehended by human minds yet faith always attempts to do so. There is no one can challenge God in any moment of our life. Our indifference cannot reduce the greatness of God. Job outlines the greatness and glory of God in the reading today. God has a perfect control over our lives beyond comprehension. What is required of us is to have a faithful submission of oneself however great and talented we could be. Just like Job, we need to be committed to God and prioritizing God in all we do and say. Is God centre of our life still? Who occupies the most space in our personal and spiritual lives? Is it God, or someone else or something else? The responsorial Psalm chants, “Let my prayer come into your presence, O Lord.” The Gospel proposes the right way of following Jesus. We all face challenges in following the Lord. The emotional and physical attachment to our family of origin must not hinder to follow the Lord. Taking care of our parents, and friends should not be our priority when we wish to follow Jesus. In following the Lord, we cannot have a condition attached to our lives whether it is from our family or from personal life, Jesus demands the unconditional commitment to Christ. The unfinished attachments and connections with the family spoil the invitation to follow Christ. May the Lord give us courage to follow Jesus at all times. Have a good day.

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