It is 10th October 2016: The readings are from Galatians 4:22-24, 26-27, 31; 5:1; and the Gospel from Luke 11:29-32. The first reading explains that we are not under slavery but of freedom, which comes from the faith that we hold in Jesus. Hagar representing the Old Testament and Sinai, the old Jerusalem while Sarah portrays the New Testament and the New Jerusalem, Heaven. We no longer belongs to peripheral but to the peek. We belong to Heaven, the city of freedom, truth and grace by the profession and practice of our faith in Jesus. Unselfish living is the freedom Jesus brought to us. We need a certain amount of self-control in order to be the recipients of freedom. As long as our eyes are fixed on Jesus, so can we enjoy and benefit the warmth of freedom given by Jesus. It is Christ himself is the freedom, the truth and grace. In the responsorial Psalm we acclaim, “May the name of the Lord be blessed for evermore.” (Ps.112:2). The Gospel points out the significance of listening to Christ without the signs to prove that He is the Messiah. It is God’s turn to speak through His only Beloved Son Jesus. Our responsibility is to listen with eagerness and openness to Christ. Let there be no condition attached for our listening to the Word of God. Our conditions are the subtle rejection of Christ and His message. Only in Christ, there is freedom. We have to look beyond the Wisdom of Solomon and the preaching of Jonah. Our freedom comes by inhaling the truth through grace in Jesus. To enjoy the absolute freedom and happiness, we have to transcend above the wisdom and the preaching of the world. Let our lives be fixed on Jesus, our inspiration, the insight and the way to God and freedom. May you have a good day.

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