It is 26th October 2016. The readings are from Ephesians 6:1-9; and the Gospel from Luke 13:22-30. In the first reading, St. Paul advises us that the children need to honour their parents while the parents have to correct and guide the children as God does. As long as the children are under the protective care of the parents they need to obey. Obedience means to do as one is instructed. But honouring means to have love and respect for the Care-giver, the parents. Right from the start, the parents have the moral duty to instil the utmost respect and the unconditional obedience to God. God will ask a detailed accounts of all the gifts the parents have received in a very special way about the children God has entrusted to them. St. Paul tells us that the right thing to do is to obey the parents and eventually brings the blessings of long life. He continues to recommend that the employers must treat the employed because all have the same Master to whom we are answerable to. It is Christianity that provided and enhanced the foundations for human dignity and equality. We are just the stewards of God’s blessings and therefore we are accountable, answerable, empowering, unifying, shepherding, nurturing and providing. Whether we are the parents or the employers, we are entrusted with God’s gifts and so we are expected to handle the gifts the way the Giver wants. The responsorial Psalm sings, “The Lord is faithful in all his words.” (Ps.144:13). The Gospel gives no answer towards the question of how many will be saved but it addresses us who will be saved. Jesus opens the doors of heaven wide open for all God’s people including non-Jews. He expressed openly that the entrance into Heaven is not automatic just because someone believes that they are privileged people of God. Jesus is the narrow gate to everlasting life. Even though the gates of Heaven is narrow it is open for all God’s people. Our painful efforts count to enjoy the benefits of being in Heaven. No one enters Heaven without trusting in God and willing to let go off one’s sins. We will be surprised to see the faces of the people who we least expected. God wants the cooperation from our side and expecting us to offer God the top most prioritized place in our lives. Will you be there in Heaven? May you have a good day.

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