It is 01 November 2016. The readings are from Phil.2:5-11 and the Gospel from Lk.14:15-24. In the first reading, St. Paul wants us to have the mindset of Christ by presenting a hymn about Christ probably used in the early Church. The hymn reveals the characteristics of God. The hymn highlights the incarnation and the Passion of Christ focusing on the theme of Kenosis which means emptying oneself. “In your relationships with one another, have the same mindset as Christ Jesus” (Phil.2:5). The attitudes we need to equip ourselves are: self-emptying, humility, service, charity opposed to selfishness, pride, and I-Me-Mine consciousness. What we see around us and in us is that we believe in an attitude of doing anything we want. “I earned this money, I can spend the money I want it.” Or “It is my body, I can use it anyway I desire.” Or “I don’t care, whether someone goes hungry, homeless, jobless, and deprived of education.” These attitudes are contrary to our Christian calling and directly hurting the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The responsorial Psalm praises, “You are my praise, O Lord, in the great assembly.” (Ps.21:26). In the Gospel, we are reminded that our lame excuses cannot hurt God but it hurts our spiritual and material well-being. Our lame excuses are the indicators how we prioritize God and values in our lives. We are chosen by God to participate in God’s banquet of love. It is the agape of God. When we value the material advantage and pleasure more than the vocation to serve, we end up missing the opportunity to meet God in person and to dine with God. Some of us even bunk the Sunday mass just because of one reason we hold so dear to our hearts and lives. We must always remember that we cannot destroy God and God’s kingdom by offering lame excuses. Are we resisting or delaying in responding God’s invitation through our lame excuses? We are reprimanded by today’s reading that God could pull God’s invitation and offer it others. We all need to pray for humility and self-sacrifice to be the order of the day in our personal living. May you have a good day.

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