It is 11th November 2016. We celebrate the memorial of St Martin of Tours, the Bishop. He taught us that not to decide is indeed a decision itself. He encouraged us through his life to decide in favour of God and to lean on the will of God than the will of human beings. He is the patron Saint of South Africa, the solders and the horses. The readings are from 2 John 4-9; and the Gospel from Luke 17:26-37. The first reading from St. John comes with the reminder to love one another. This brief letter addressed against those who deny the incarnation of Christ. Truth and love are inseparable. Truth is the source and measure of love. Those who destroy love, dismantling truth. Refusal to admit that Jesus is Lord and Saviour is denying truth and they are the Antichrist. “If anybody does not keep within the teaching of Christ but goes beyond it, he/she cannot have God with him/her.” (2 John 9). We are all invited to live a life of love not according to the wishes and whims of our tribal, racial, religious, and social connections rather based on the spiritual connections we have with the Lord himself. Where there is love, there is truth and vice versa. The letter positions us to side with Truth and love over lies and hatred. St. John teaches us very strongly today that we must not compromise any against love and truth that which endangers to the life of faith. These people who oppose love and truth are the poison which contaminates the human society. The responsorial Psalm praises, “They are happy who follow God’s law.” (Ps.118:1). The Gospel reminds us about the responsibility of building up the Church. We are expected to build communities in love and truth until Jesus comes. We must nurture our faith with surety of the eternal abiding presence of Christ in the Church and the uncertainty over the timing of the second coming of Christ. Let us begin to live for love and truth one more time in our lives. Have a good day.

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