It is 13th November 2016. We celebrate the Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time. The readings are from Malachi 3:19-20; and the second reading is from 2 Thessalonians 3:7-12; and the Gospel is from Luke 21:5-19. The readings all point out toward the end times, our personal physical end on earth and the second coming of Christ Jesus. Every journey has to end somewhere. Every beginning has the end and every birth has the death. Even though, we may not be sure of the end, every new day reminds us that we are all closer to the reality of the end. We all began our journey from God. Each one of us know personally what type of Journey we have chosen with or without God. Whether we like it or not, somehow someday, we all need to face the reality of death, the end and the destination of our beginning. Without our wishes we were brought into the world, and without our consent, we will be asked to complete the physical journey on earth and to face God. Some of us will be enjoying the absolute Happiness in Heaven, and some others in Purgatory for purification and the rest will be condemned to eternal damnation. The Catechism teaches us in No. 1022. “Each person receives the eternal retribution in his or her immortal soul at the very moment of his/her death, in a particular judgment that refers his/her life to Christ: either entrance into the blessedness of heaven-through a purification or immediately everlasting damnation.” Where shall be ending our lives? We will be ending our live either in Heaven, or in Purgatory or in Hell. Choice is ours. No one can choose it for us. We will be judged by the way we have loved. Prophet Malachi comforts us that the healing rays will come from God. “For you who fear my name, there will arise, the sun of justice with its healing rays.” (Mal.3:20). The responsorial Psalm sings, “The Lord comes to rule the earth with justice.” (Ps.98:9). In the second reading St. Paul exhorts us to be at the beck and call of God and to render our service for the Kingdom of God untiringly. The Gospel reminds us that there is something more beyond our immediate concerns and worries. We all need to be watchful and have the perseverance to follow the values of the Gospel no matter who is for or against it. Our lives are secured in the Lord through our committed perseverance. If God is the One we love, we do not need to panic. If God is our priority, there is no more anxiety.. Let us not give up on God when the waves of the lives are tossing us mercilessly. God the Holy Spirit is with us always. Let us make every effort to complete our journey in God May you have a good day.

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