It is 17th November 2016. We celebrate the memorial of St Elizabeth of Hungary, a Religious. Very young widow at the age 20 returned to serve the Lord through the service to the sick and the needy. Mother of three children and had a guidance of a Franciscan friar as a spiritual director. She lived a life of prayer, sacrifice, and service to the poor and sick. She joined the Secular Franciscan Order. She is the patron saint of Bakers, the Catholic Charities and the Secular Franciscan Order. The readings are from Rev. 5:1-10; and the Gospel from Luke 19:41-44. The first reading continues to speak about the happenings in Heaven. We meet two people weeping today in the readings; one is John weeping over the challenge posed by the angel to open the scroll sealed seven times. Another is Jesus himself cries over the people who wilfully rejected Him, the Redeemer. The first reading clarifies that God has the plan for humanity, a blue print in God’s hand sealed seven times. The entire heaven is looking for a worthy person to handle and open the seven seals. There is none found in Heaven or in the earth except the Lion of Judah, the root of David, Jesus Christ, who made us worthy through His suffering, Passion and Death to be the priest to serve God and to rule the world. The scroll is written on both sides which means there is so much written. It is tied around seven times and sealed seven times. Only Jesus is the person who is worthy to untie the knots and to remove the seals. Jesus is the revelation of the Father who can open the scroll and to make the plan of God available for all those who believe in Him. The responsorial Psalm sings, “You made us a line of kings and priests to serve our God.” (Rev. 5:10). The Gospel presents the tears of Jesus over the people Jerusalem. Jesus was in pain for the rejection and the missing opportunities when God offered to God’s people. Jesus wept because they refused the offer of salvation through Jesus. Is Jesus weeping for us too today for the outright refusal to accept God’s plan in Christ Jesus? May you have a good day.

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