It is 28th November 2016. The readings are from Is.2:1-5 and the Gospel from Mt. 8:5-11. The first reading assures us peace and blessings to all people and nations when they are approaching the Lord’s temple. It is an open and personal invitation to all who live in this world, “Come, let us walk in the light of the Lord.” (Is.2:5). The first reading narrates the prophet’s vision for the universal peace offered by God. Even though we are unworthy of God’s blessings of peace and prosperity, we need to believe during this time of Advent, God desires peace and blessings for all people. We need to recognise our incompleteness and inadequate conditions in our spiritual life. Yes, we all struggle spiritually, yet we can conquer any given situation with the power of the Lord. When we humbly recognise our sinfulness and unworthiness before the Lord, we are offered God’s peace. Moreover, we can also surely enjoy such peace proposed by the Lord by letting Jesus into our lives. Peace of the Lord is guaranteed for all those who walk in the light of the Lord. God wants to have a personal chat with us through God’s beloved Son Jesus. God wants to teach us. Let us not hesitate to proceed to the mountain of the Lord to heed God’s voice during this preparatory time. The responsorial Psalm sings, “I rejoiced when I heard them say: ‘Let us go to God’s house.” (Ps.121:1). The Gospel reminds us through the healing of the Centurion’s servant and the disposition of the Centurion’s faith. The way the Centurion interceded for his servant with faith and humility, he obtained his prayers. The season of Advent is the time of waiting, hoping, prayerfully watching. Is Jesus admiring our faith as that of Centurion, telling “I have never found this faith.” (Mt.8:10). How often we pray for healing and peace for the others who are under us? When was the last time we were humble like that of Centurion? May God bless you to have a day filled with faith. Have a good day.

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