It is 07th January 2017. The readings are from 1 Jn 5:14-21; and the Gospel from Jn 2:1-11. The first reading invites us to live our lives according to the will of God. We cannot know the will of God without a life of prayer. We are all sinners. We sin and repeatedly sin again and again. We go to confession and then fall again into the cycle and circle of sins. St John tells us that “every kind of wrong-doing is sin, but not all sin is deadly.” (1 Jn.5:17) We have mortal sins that disconnect us from God and there are venial sins need to be confessed and reconciled with God regularly. Rejecting Christ or turning against Him is the deadliest sin a soul could go through. In such situations, a soul goes through spiritual death. (Heb.6:4-6). We should pray for all those who fallen into sin but beware of those who willfully and deliberately working for Satan and against the Gospel. We must never hate someone because of their sinfulness. We need to pray all the more for forgiveness and for strength to resist sins. Prayer does help the one who prays and who is remembered in prayer. We come all the more closer to God and requesting the Lord to come closer to the one who is far from God. The reading also concludes with a stern warning to all of us to be away from idols. Anything that substitutes Christ is idol. Any human idea or an ideology, or a person or personality, or anything under the Sun which denies the rightful place of Christ in our lives is the idol we must be careful about. Let Jesus God-man become the center of our lives. The responsorial Psalm sings, “The Lord takes delight in God’s people.” (Ps.149:4). The Gospel presents us with the maiden miracle of Jesus at the request of Mother Mary – the marriage feast at Cana which is an anticipation of the Sacrament of the Eucharist. As long as we do what Jesus tell us, there will be abundant miracles in our lives. It is the intercession of our beloved Mother Mary we require for such miracles to take place in our lives. It is always spiritually strengthening to go through Mary to Jesus. Because, Mother Mary knows the divinity of Jesus in its fullness. May you have a good day.

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