It is 20th January 2017. We celebrate the memorial of Sts. Fabian and Sebastian, the Martyrs. The readings are from Hebrews 8:6-13; and the Gospel from Mark 3:13-19. The first reading clarifies the need for the new covenant of grace and mercy which was offered by Jesus our High Priest through His one and irreplaceable sacrifice of suffering and death on the Cross. The new covenant includes all people and offers forgiveness and mercy through faith in Jesus. It is also a reminder not to forget the power and privileges of the old covenant which offered us the status of being God’s chosen people. We too are invited to embrace the new covenant of love, relationship, respect and forgiveness. Have you embraced the new Covenant of Love and made it a way of life? We all need a new heart with the strings of love and forgiveness than the bands of rules and regulations. We need to pursue doing God’s will not as a matter of external observance in a hurry rather it is a matter of presence and guidance in a regular way. We begin to communicate with the Spirit of God to have new ideas, and desires to know and follow God’s wishes in our lives. The responsorial Psalm acclaims, “Mercy and faithfulness have met.” (Ps.84:11). The Gospel explains the new for more people to work for Jesus. Jesus chooses His twelve closest companions to continue the mission of Jesus on earth. These men will be the foundation for the people of God – the Church. The purpose of this vocation to be an apostle of Jesus is to preach, to heal and to lead people to God. In order to serve the Lord, we need to know Him and commit our lives to Him personally. The healing presence is in every one of us through the Sacraments we have received initially. We too need to continue spreading the new covenantal relationship with God through the faith and love we have in our hearts for the one who sacrificed Himself for us. May you have a good day.

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