It is 26th January 2017. We celebrate the memorial of Saints Timothy and Titus, the Bishops. The two exemplary saints are the heroes and the role models for our spiritual life and pastoral encounters. St. Timothy was converted by St. Paul during his first missionary journey and accompanied him in two of his missionary journeys. Even though he struggled to respond to the challenges of the church due to his youthfulness yet he completely available to God and God’s Church. While St. Titus also was taught by St. Paul. He is also a trusted companion of St. Paul, who taught him the qualities of the leadership in the Church and to prioritize service over holding the titles in the church. The readings are from 2Timothy 1:1-8; and the Gospel from Luke 10:1-9. The first reading brings out the characteristics of the effective and efficient leaders in the Church. They are power, love and self-discipline. St. Paul wrote this letter while in the prison waiting for his death. It was the time of suffering and persecution for the Church. St. Paul encouraged Timothy to trust in God during the times of pain and suffering and not to stop teaching and preaching even it costs his life. He reminded him not to stop ‘fanning the flames of the Holy Spirit’ by his service. Just like these saints, God has given us the gifts to spread God’s love to everyone. We must make the initiatives to do things for God. We need to be bold, truthful and trusting in God in preaching the Word of God, the power of the Holy Spirit surely help us at all occasions to over the enemies of the Gospel. We all have received the gifts of the Holy Spirit like that of Saints Timothy and Titus. Let us try by all means to put the gifts in use of the Church not for our personal gains only. The responsorial Psalm prays, “Proclaim God’s marvelous deeds to all the nations.” (Ps.96:3). The Gospel presents the sending out of the 72 disciples in 36 pairs in different towns and villages before the visit of Jesus. When we go in the name of Jesus and sent by Jesus for the ministry of healing and teaching, we just need the generosity of heart and the power of personal prayer to do the ministry. All other skills will be added as we travel around and encounter God’s people. May we be generous to Jesus who has called us to spread the Good News to everyone. Have a good day.

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