It is 4th February 2017. The readings are from Hebrews 13:15-17, 20-21; and the Gospel from Mark 6:30-34. The first reading is the conclusion of the letter of Hebrews with an invitation to all for a life filled with holiness, adherence to the message and the teachings of the Gospel and to have the obedience to our elders. Whether we are the subjects or the leaders we need to anchor our lives in Christ. We are not here to control, manipulate, abuse or dominate others as the leaders. It is moral duty of the leader to bring the joy of Christ in every member he or she is animating. Leadership is there for the spiritual good of the persons entrusted not to have power over them. “Keep doing good works and sharing your resources, for these are sacrifices that please God.” (Heb.13:16). Jesus is the model and inspiration for the leaders as the Good Shepherd to make sacrifice and are reminded that they must give an account to God the way they handle others. The responsorial Psalm praises, “The Lord is my Shepherd there is nothing I shall want.” (Ps. 22:1). The Gospel reminds the need for prayerful rest to spread the Gospel more enthusiastically. Our work for the Lord must not be mechanic and formal rather humane and relational. Updating, regrouping and strategizing with enough open discussion with the other are the moments of rejuvenating oneself for the greater fruitful ministry. To feel the spiritual hunger and thirst of the people one needs to be settled down in personal prayer. All our ministries are for the Lord and therefore it should not be without the presence and guidance of the Lord. May you have a fruitful day.

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