It is 13th February 2017. The readings are from Genesis 4:1-5, 25; and the Gospel from Mark 8:11-13. The first reading describes the story of Cain and Abel. Cain is very much alive in our fiber of our beings. At the expense of another, we like to thrive. Cain murdered his brother Abel not just out of jealousy alone but out of greediness for power, comparing and valuing himself better than his brother. The cunningness and lust for power to control over others is growing day by day in every circle of our lives. Our frustrations make us aggressive and our fear makes us to rush for positions and powers using our human means. We all are responsible for one another’s welfare. We too are accountable the way we treat each other. Have we made our brother or sister to feel out of place and less loved because of our hunger for power, lust for money, greediness for more? God will surely ask each one of us: where is your brother or sister? Unless, day by day, we cultivate love instead of lust, we are not going to reach the abode of God. Lust for power, greed, envy, cunningness, competition, and intolerance will make us irresponsible for our brother or sister. When we fight, and destroy the names of our brothers and sisters wearing the clothes of Christianity, we are just annihilating the beautiful image of God in them. There is a holy war for power goes on in and around us. Many innocents are sacrificed to keep someone to control. The tears and the blood of our brothers and sisters are crying before God because our selfish and sinful attitude and behaviors. Our sacrifice for our brother or sister always brings joy, peace and all the blessings. The responsorial Psalm acclaims, “Pay your sacrifice of thanks giving to God.” (Ps.49:14). The Gospel invites us to examine our quality and depth of our faith. Our faith does not revolve around miracles, and signs. When jealous and greedy people attack us and our walls of faith, how do we respond? Let not envy or resentment to rule our actions. God watches everything and tolerates no evil. We need to become people faith, compassion and forgiveness than the people of miracles, healing and signs. Are we rejecting God’s grace and wanting to establish our own selfish and evil ways? The root cause of sin is refusing to accept God’s plan. Happiness and blessings come when we uproot our grudging behaviors and to become generous to God day by day. May you have a good day.

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