It is16th February 2017. The readings are from Genesis 9:1-13; and the Gospel from Mark 8:27-33. In the first readings, we reflect about the covenant of God with Noah stands as the beginning of a new creation. The covenant is the expression of God’s love for us all. God’s protection is guaranteed even though we are inclined to sin and sinful ways. God’s fidelity never changed even when human beings become sinful. Sin starts in a small way and slowly it becomes pervasive in and around us. Fear and alienation begins to enter the minds of us when we sin. We witness the creative love to protective love of God through the covenant. God’s commitment to humanity is unchanging even in the time of sinfulness of man. We are the ones unfaithful to an ever loving and faithful God. God assures us that God’s grace is unfathomable than the sins of humanity. God’s identity never changes. The character and personality of God remains unchanged even in the display of human weakness and sinfulness. We only come to know God time and time again that God is merciful and forgiving no matter what we have done. Every purification assures and brings salvation. God completes and makes us perfect by a painful purification. Even amidst human selfishness and failures, there is a rainbow of hope from God pops up. God is still not tired of us and God desires our sincere return to God. The responsorial Psalm prays, “From heaven the Lord looks down on the earth.” (Ps.102:20). In the Gospel, Jesus poses a question to the disciples, “Who do you say that l am?” St. Peter testifies that Jesus is the Christ. Jesus is the eternal covenant and hope of humanity. Jesus is the suffering servant of God. Just like the disciples, we too are comfortable with the identity of glory not the suffering. Jesus rebukes St. Peter for refusing to accept the suffering Christ. We too think just like St. Peter in most occasions of our lives. We want the best and easy go lucky life not the sacrifice and suffering. Without personal sacrifice, there is no personal salvation. Our enquiry about the identity of Jesus must broaden our relationship with Him and with one another. It not just the information about Jesus rather our personal transformation brings the desired salvation. May you have a good day.

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