It is 27th February 2017. The readings are from Sir.17:24-29; and the Gospel from Mark 10:17-27. The first reading teaches us that our final analysis of our lives must rest in the Lord by our sincere efforts to return to the Lord on a daily basis just because we are so much falling into the claws of sins daily. God’s mercy and compassion is boundless yet we need to make innumerable attempts through our selfless charity and almsgiving to go back to our roots and origin of love and charity. If we truly begin to assess our spiritual life seriously, we will know that there is so much to be done and undone. There is no way we can hide from God. Somehow, some day, we must face our creator. The death provides the opportunity to face God. It would be too late to praise or to repent after our death. Let us do it now when we have the life within ourselves. None of us know in what state we are going to die. Will our faith in the Lord be intact and will we be still in grace when we die? God will not abandon us when some events of our lives and some selfish and evil people make us to lose hope in what we believed all along. It is up to us to return to the Lord. No one can force and to lead our souls the way wish to return. The time is running out for every one of us. Every day is indeed a new day of blessing and a strong painful reminder that we are one step closer to the final moments of our lives. No one is permanently going to stay in this world. Let our journey be guided by the Spirit of God and culminate in the peace of God. “How great is the mercy of the Lord, God’s forgiveness on all those who turn towards God. The responsorial Psalm praises, “Rejoice, rejoice in the Lord, exult, you just.” The Gospel promises us the utmost blessings on all those who can trust and love God. Love is not contented with the minimum offering of self. When we give ourselves completely to God and to the other, we obtain God himself as the reward. Nothing can satisfy our human soul, spirit and our heart except God. Have we emptied enough to accommodate God? Our attachments and affection to money, wealth and people will surely destroy our intimate relationship with God. Our true and lasting happiness is hidden in our personal and deep commitment to the Lord and to His service in others. There is nothing impossible for the one who loves God and the other. “Because everything is possible for God.” (Mk.10:27) May you have a good day.

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