It is 7th March 2017. We celebrate the memorial of the martyrs namely Saints. Perpetua and Felicity. The readings are from Isaiah 55:10-11; and the Gospel from Matthew 6:7-15. In the first reading, we are reminded that as the rain does its impact on the nature, so the Word of God on human soul. Our fruitfulness comes in persistent and penitential prayers. It is not how long we pray impresses God but the way we pray. It is not the quantity of time and resources decide the power of prayer rather the openness to God’s will and the willingness to return to our Creator through a quality time with God. By using the Word of God to communicate and discern of the mind of God, we become fruitful in our prayer life. Prayer makes us to feel that we are still safe in the loving Hands of God. A well-trained heart in the Word of God enjoys the fruits of the Holy Spirit through humble submissions. Our familiarity with the Word of God is the necessity to communicate fruitfully with God. We need to create a time to be with the Word of God, by meditating, treasuring, memorizing, and personalizing them to configure our lives to God and Christ. The season of Lent is the time to pray. The responsorial Psalm prays, “The Lord rescues the just in all their distress.” (Ps.33:18). The Gospel presents the perfect form prayer taught by Jesus. Jesus taught us to call God as the Father, to praise Him with our words and actions, glorifying Him, presenting our daily needs, and to willingly accept the rule and the Kingdom of God among us. As we ask for the daily bread, material and spiritual, we need to have the courage to forgive those who constantly offend us. As we pray for ourselves and our protection against the evil and the evil one, and to pray for those who do harm us. The authentic and perfect prayer is the one that trains our whole being to accept the will of God. We do not pray to know the will of God but to welcome and embrace the will of God howsoever it is challenging. Without communication with God daily, we cannot have peace, happiness, prosperity and long life. May we revive the spirit of prayer in our lives. May you have a good day.

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