It is11th March 2017. The readings are from Deuteronomy 26:16-19; and the Gospel from Matthew 5:43-48. The readings are inviting us to come out of our comfort zones of being in company with those who are familiarized with us. In the first reading, God invites us to put our entire being to respond to the directions set by God and to walk in the path that leads to life and eternal light, and to be dispensing truth from our very being. We need to personalize the commandment of the Lord daily. Our allegiance to God is seen in the way we follow and live the commandments of God. Everyone wants to be better their spiritual life. The easiest way to make our lives happy, joyful and prosperous is to walk in the way of the Lord daily. Our determination to follow the Lord establishes the rapport between God and us instantly making us to feel special, chosen, promised and treasured by the Lord. When we have enough love for the Lord, there will be no difficulty in following and obeying the Lord. Love provides and motivates us to obey always. The responsorial Psalm praises, “They are happy who follow God’s law. The invitation from the Gospel is that we become better people day by day. A purpose-filled life is the right way of understanding a perfect life. When we begin to live according to the purpose for which we are created, we are living a perfect life. Anything contrary to the purpose of life is imperfect, sinful and make us less productive spiritually and socially. Jesus encourages us to be perfect in loving, caring, forgiving and listening. We all need to work toward the best. We need to get rid of judging rashly, grudging cruelly, hating continuously, mugging mercilessly while we relate with the other person in order to be perfect. Never to be satisfied being a loving, caring, forgiving and listening person as a person. Our ideal is the way God loves, forgives, cares and listens non-judgmentally. May God help us to make us perfect in listen and following by practicing charity in all we do and say. May you have good day.

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