It is 15 March 2017. The readings are from Jeremiah 18:18-20; and the Gospel from Matthew 20:17-28. The first reading offers hope and protection to all those who go through pain, disappointment and suffering for those who have worked for the welfare of the others yet being blamed. As Jeremiah is presented as the person rejected by those he served, so Jesus will be rejected, and killed for those whom He offered His entire life. Our safety and security is in the hands of God always. We do need to fear anyone when people begin work and speak against us. The mystery of suffering and pain redeems the brokenness and sinfulness in one’s own being. In some of us, it is the only possible way of purging and cleaning from deep seated sinfulness and selfishness. The responsorial Psalm prays, “Save me in your love, O Lord.” (Ps.30:17). The Gospel encourages every one of us to be at the beck and call of the humanity because of our vocation to suffer, to bear the pain silently for the sake of the one we love, Jesus himself. Our call to believe in Jesus is to serve not to be served. Unless we work hard for the welfare of the other in this world, there is no way we can enjoy the benefits and blessings of Heaven. If we claim to be Christian, so long we need to be a slave and a servant for Christ and to the suffering humanity. Our power and fame will never make us happy. We must rise above going through suffering and going through inconveniences for those whom we love. We need forgo our personal preference and pleasures for the sake of the others. Call to be a Christian is to suffer and willingness to walk an extra mile for the sake of the others. If we dine with Jesus, we must be kind with the others. We will never be a better Christian without the help and sacrifice we constantly and consistently render to the rest of the humanity. May God strengthen us when we are being grilled by the heat of anger and abuse of the others when we intentionally doing good.

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