It is 23rd March 2017. The readings are from Jeremiah 7:23-28; and the Gospel from Luke 11:14-23. The first reading suggests that our lasting peace and protection comes by obeying God. What truly matters is to belong to God and to make God as the answer to all humanly impossible situations and problems. We are invited by Jeremiah to be sincere in our worship and following God no matter how violent waves of uncertainties hit us hard on the shores of our existence. Our loyalty to God must not be fragmented but must be focused on God at all situations. Yes, life is mostly unfair, cruel, illogical, illusion, and hard to comprehend. Yet, in all these inhuman situations and challenges we need to hold the hands of God. Listening and learning from the voice of God is the only possible ways to walk against the currents that has the power to engulf us. Are we willing to be corrected and reprimanded by God time and time again? Lent is the time to be corrected by God. The responsorial Psalm invites us, “O that today you would listen to His voice! Harden not your hearts.” (Ps.94:8). The Gospel demands our commitment and faithfulness to Jesus at all times. Without any conditions or demands attached, we learn to listen and obey the voice of Jesus in order to grow spiritually. We need to make our stand clear for Jesus. Our compromises and flexibilities that suit for a momentary happiness must not oppose the connection and intimacy with Jesus. We must not compromise Jesus and His values in acquiring wealth and fame in this world. Our true and lasting happiness, peace and security lies only with Jesus. Let us not contradict in our actions what we deeply believe in our hearts. It is all about our attitude towards the Law and God that brings peace and success. No God, no success. We must make all spiritual efforts to throw the devil out from our lives and to recognize the evil advancement in every moment. “Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters.” (Lk.11:23). May God give us a heart to listen to God’s voice through the Eternal Word Jesus. May you have a good day.

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