It is 3rd April 2017. The readings are from Daniel 13:1-9, 15-17, 19-30, 33-62; and the Gospel from John 8:1-11. The finger of God is busy writing at the background when the unjust condemns us unfairly. When our fingers are pointing out on someone, God’s finger is pointing towards our consciences. God will not let us down in judging us no matter who is judging us in the world. Let us in turn not so swift to judge others because they are caught red-handed. The evil people, the systems and the structures want to have clean up around not within it themselves. The two women condemned by the society in the readings. One is guilty and another is guiltless and defenseless. Both were helped by God through the finger of God. Condemning is easy but to have a conversion of heart is indeed challenge. When we begin to feel uncomfortable with our own personal sins, we are too fast in passing the verdict on those who go through the same type of sins. The two readings bring out the abuse of the power and the status of the elders and the leaders in the time of Jesus. The elders and the leaders at that time abused their power and the status for their selfish and lustful intentions, greed, favoring their personal pleasure and happiness, covering up their mistakes and crimes under the mantle of power and positions, and highlighting the mistakes of the poor, the marginalized, the voiceless and the oppressed in the society. We must become smart in understanding the mindset of people like that of Jesus. Let us not jump into conclusions and judgements on others because a power person or system is speaking out. The responsorial Psalm prays with us, “If I should walk in the valley of darkness no evil would I fear.” (Ps.22:4). We need to take the side of God in humility and purity coupled with our clear consciences in dealing with the fallen people of our societies and communities. The standard we wish apply on ourselves when we are caught must the same intensity and degree in judging the other. May the Lord help us to be cautious in dealing with people. May you have a good day.

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