It is 22nd April 2017. The readings are from Acts 4:13-21; and the Gospel from Mark 16:9-15. Faith in the Risen Lord does not come for many. Only a few of us could have the gift of faith so spontaneously; some other are forced or promised some material benefits to accept the truth that Jesus is still living. In our personal endeavors in meeting the Risen Lord, we need to listen to God through God’s only Son. Faith is a humble listening to the voices of the Beloved Son Jesus, who calls us to do good. In the first reading, the Apostles made it clear that it was better to listen to God than to the authorities who had tried to suppress the truth of the resurrection. It is purely our humble faith and love for the Lord Jesus is so much needed now of Easter rather than to have a critical analysis of the events. Jesus, the Risen Lord reveals to the ones who are truly searching for His countenance. The truth need not be put in the shelves. Truth need to be shared and spread. We live in a world where the lies are spread so consciously with its hidden meanings and agenda; the people and the systems are hired by people to pronounce lies and to convince even the judicial systems. While the truthful, the sincere, the humble and the hard working are systematically trodden under foot, ridiculed, mocked and warned not to spread the truth. Just like the Apostles, why don’t we who embrace the truth? Why are we hesitating to spread the rays of truth with its depth and impact? It is our disbelief and lack of conviction on the matters related to the Truth not allowing us to stand for the Truth and for God. The responsorial Psalm praises, “I will thank you, Lord, for you have given answer.” (Ps.117:21). The Gospel invites us to go beyond ourselves in spreading and sharing the Good News about Jesus. “Go out to the whole world; proclaim the Good News to all creation.” (Mk.16:15). It is the mandate given to all believers. What we require is the commitment, dedication, living and spreading the Truth we believe through our humble service. We all need to encounter the Risen Lord Jesus as our Good News and the Truth. It is not enough we love God; we must make efforts to lead others to love God too. We cannot continue to live in disbelief. Jesus, the Risen Lord will reprimand us, correct us and want us to come out of the box of disbelief in the Risen Lord Jesus. May we stand up for Jesus in our own way. May God bless you.

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