It is 28th April 2017. We celebrate the memory of St. Peter Chanel, a priest, a missionary and a martyr. The readings are from Acts 5:34-42; and the Gospel from John 6:1-15. The first reading is the conclusion of the trial of St. Peter where we meet Gamaliel who comes to rescue them. The apostles went through the humiliation for the sake of Christ and continued their mission more earnestly than ever. Unless we give we cannot receive. Giving is not an honor but a privilege to serve. It is our turn now to give Christ and His love to all. “The apostles preached everyday both in the Temple and in private houses without interruption.” (Acts.5:42). The responsorial Psalm prays, “There is one thing I ask of the Lord, to live in the house of the Lord.” (Ps.26:4). The Gospel presents us the power of sharing and giving what we have. The multiplication is possible when we are willing to give what we have and begin to experience the divine joy after that. Sharing and multiplication of goodness is impossible where there is a selfish and secretive hoarding is possible. Jesus performed a miracle of the loaves multiplied and expanded the hearts of people to share the little what they had. Jesus is the Bread of life multiplies with the minimum resources to feed the maximum number of people. We too resemble God to the other when we begin to give all that we have. There is a joy in giving. The little makes the difference. The boy made all the difference by offering the little to Jesus. In fact, the apostles and the people had more than the little boy yet they were not able to share. Our financial calculations and planning do not make any difference when we are willing to share our spiritual gifts with the others. God has given to each one us enough to share with the others. The miracle of multiplication is possible only when we are willing to allow Jesus to handle the little resources we have. May God multiply the little we have today as we are preparing to present it to Jesus. May you have a good day.

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