Loving is not hard when it is done from the heart.
It is 8th June 2017. The readings are from Tobit 6:10-11, 7:1, 9-14, 8:4-9; and the Gospel from Mark 12:28-34. The first reading teaches us a lot of spiritual truth for a successful marriage. Where there is true love and devotion to God, there is no fear of anything. The abuse, domestic violence, demonic manifestations and emotional wounds happen when there is a lack of love for God and the other. Prayer of the married couples and regular submission to God brings the desired protection day by day. Our families and marriages are unnecessarily exposing to the evils that surround them regularly, when they are not shielding themselves in prayer-filled protection. Today’s reading is the ideal instance in the life of Tobias and Sarah, for all those who are in married life. When marriage is ruled and dominated by lust, there is no room for love. Physical craving is not the highest motive of marriage. The higher motive of the marriage is the mutual love between the partners shared in a respectful and sincere environment. Tobias prayed, “And now, O Lord, I am not taking this sister of mine because of lust, but with sincerity. Grant that I may find mercy and may grow old together with her.” (Tobit 8:7). The responsorial Psalm praises, “O blessed are those who fear the Lord.” (Ps.127:1). In the Gospel, Jesus summarizes the entire commandments into two that are the heart and the choicest of all commandments quoting from Deuteronomy 6:5 and Leviticus 19:18. Loving God and loving neighbor are the basis for what we believe and hope in the Lord. St. Anselm prayed, “Give us in our hearts pure love, born of your love to us that we may love others as you love us.” The way we love is the response to have experienced the way God has loved us this far. Unless and until we experience God’s love in our lives, we may not be able to love at all. God is the source and the motive of love. And that is why, praying does not become a burden for the one who is loving God rather the prayer and personal communion is the fuel for spiritual and corporal living. What is that poising this basic and foundational love of God and people? The toxic elements are found even in the so-called cleanest environment. Even noble and sacrificing love could be poisoned and turned sour emotionally and ideologically poisoned without examining and filtering by the love of God. Faith adds tastes to love and at the end true love is that we need to be honest, open and sincere to God and one another. May you have good day

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