God deserves the best and only the best.
It is 10th June 2017. The readings are from Tobit 12:1, 5-15, 20; and the Gospel from Mark 12:38-44. The conclusion of the book of Tobit is the first reading that invites us to consider strengthening our spiritual life with un-delayed praises and thanksgiving along with sufficient prayer coupled with almsgiving and fasting. It is much due in our lives to give praise and thanks to God for all that God has done to us and willing to do for us. The first reading teaches us the way to be grateful to God through proclaiming the works of God. “Do not be slow to give him thanks. Thank him worthily. Do what is good, and no evil can befall you. Prayer with fasting and alms with right conduct are better than riches with wrongdoing.” (Tobit 12:6,7). More we delay in thanking God and praising God, we create a vacuum of ungrateful valley in our being that affect us deeply and gradually we begin to forget what God has done for us to be what we are today. None of us can say that it is by our own effort alone we have been blessed in our lives. It is all because of such a merciful and loving God who made us to be what we are before God and people. Just for one family, God could spare the Arch Angel Raphael to relieve them from all they went through in their lives just because they loved God and was grateful to God till the end. Even today, God could send an army of angels to help us in times of need when our families and communities begin to demonstrate their deep commitment in loving and thanking God. The Responsorial Psalm rightly acclaims, “Blessed be God who lives forever.” (Tob. 13:1). In the Gospel, we encounter Jesus who watches what we offer to God. Jesus chides on all those who have a hypocritical living using the prayer life as their banners to abuse the meagre offertory of the poor. Our giving to God and the church must come from our deep sacrifice. We must stop throwing something in the offertory from our abundance. Let us learn to sacrifice something for God and the Church that help us to come near God. God is not a beggar at our doors. God is the Giver of all what we have. God deserves the best and only the best. Let us not be stingy, critical, complaining, comparing in times of giving to God. And so, it is time to give from our hearts. Jesus is still watching our humble offertories. Let all our material giving lead us to true and authentic praise and thanksgiving for all that God has given us. “I tell you solemnly, this poor widow has put more in than all who have contributed to the treasury.” (Mk.12:44). Two copper coins is not much yet her giving is applauded by God and God’s only Son. It is the spirit of generosity to God we need to cultivate in our lives. However small we give, let us give and give it from our hearts. May God bless your giving.

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