It is 8th August 2017. We celebrate the memorial of St Dominic, a Priest. He founded the Dominican Order call the Order of Preachers who provided the city dwellers through their education to deal with their spiritual challenges. Before leaving the world, at his death bed, he encouraged his friars, “I leave to you as my sons; have charity among yourselves; hold fast to humility; keep a willing poverty.” He believed in active life of teaching which would provide deep clarifications on the matters of faith and morals to return to the truth. One day, Dominic received a vision of a beggar who, like Dominic, would do great things for the Faith. Dominic met the beggar the next day. He embraced him and said, “You are my companion and must walk with me. If we hold together, no earthly power can withstand us.” The beggar was Saint Francis of Assisi. St. Dominic lived with one religious habit to wear until his death. The readings are from Numbers 12:1-13; and the Gospel from Matthew 14:22-36. The Lord hears the complains and grumblings emerge out of mere jealousy in our families and the Lord does not hesitate to correct it and even punish the one who creates such moments of rift and hurt in the family. It happened in the family of Moses whose beloved sister Miriam who protected Moses from the Egyptian kings at his birth and sang the song of victory became indignant about Moses and his wife. They abused the wife of Moses calling her in a most disrespectful and hurting language. God did not want to tolerate this evil of jealousy in the family of Moses who was the humblest man who talked to God face to face. “Now Moses was the most humble of men, the humblest man on earth.” (Numb.12:3). God summons the three in the Tent of Meeting and punishes Miriam with leprosy for what she said about Moses and his wife. But Moses pleaded God for healing his sister and God did heal her instantly proved the supremacy of Moses in front of her and the entire family. Who is the black sheep in our families to divide and spreading jealousy? Let us be warned that God does not tolerate the ones for a long time for plundering God’s dream on the earth is the family. God is watching us and will deal with us when we have intended to speak ill of others and spread evil among the members of our family. The responsorial Psalm pleads God, “Have mercy on us, Lord, for we have sinned.” (Ps.50:3). The Gospel teaches us a profound lesson on faith. It is not enough that we believe the Lord but we must be confident that our faith in Him will hold us together. Doubts and fear corrode the graciousness of faith. Let us not spend time looking at the roaring waves of our lives that threaten our very existence daily. Let us focus on Jesus amidst the storm of our lives. We just need to be confident, we will never sink as long as our eyes and hearts are fixed on the Lord. Nothing worse will happen to us as long as we see Jesus. May you have a good day.

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