It is 30th August 2017. The readings are from 1 Thessalonians 2:9-13; and the Gospel from Matthew 23:27-32. The first reading brings out the most essential truth about the Word of God. The sermons we listen regularly is God’s Word through the help of a human person and the word we receive daily does have an influence in our lives. The sermon is powerful in so far as it is enveloped by the examples of the one who preaches. St. Paul shares with the community that he himself was working as a tentmaker for his living not preaching for money. He encouraged the Thessalonians to live in such a way that would be worthy of God not embarrassing the community that they belong. In the New Testament, the Word of God refers to the preaching of the gospel and Jesus himself as the Word. (Jn.1:1). If anyone wants to engage in preaching and teaching must examine one’s personal life before they ever utter a word. God looks for honesty and transparency in our sharing of God’s Word. Even in our small Christian communities, and in our families, we all wish to preach and share the Word. Do our words encourage the others, respecting the others, inviting others to live a life worthy of God and to share the resources for the welfare of the Kingdom of God? Words alone not enough for the growth of the Church; we need to contribute from our personal hard word towards the building of the local church without looking for advertisements and popularity. Our communities must be founded and run with the power of the Word of God. Let us teach and pass on the Word in our families and the communities. Because, “God’s Word is a living power among you who believe it.” (1 Thes.2:13). The responsorial Psalm prays, “O Lord, you search me and you know me.” (Ps.138:1). The Gospel cautions to recognize to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong when both live side by side. Using religion for our material gains is abusing God’s goodness directly. It is like trampling God under foot our personal gains. By all means, in our liturgy and worship, we must avoid hypocrisy and double standards. We must not be like the scribes and Pharisees who erected external monuments while their minds are meditating upon who to murder. May the Lord help us to recognize our hypocrisy and live sincerely for God and God’s people. May you have a good day.

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