It is 2nd September 2017. The readings are from 1 Thessalonians 4:9-11; and the Gospel from Matthew 25:14-30. In the first reading, St. Paul is urging the Thessalonians to stretch their love beyond their known and comfortable territories where they live. More we stretch and become altruistic, more flexible and plausible love becomes. The more we hide and make our love exclusive, all the more love within ourselves constricts and shrinks in each one of us. St. Paul teaches them that love they have from God is expandable and inclusive and therefore they must learn to live the Christian life which would attract to the source of love. The church must not remain merely a community of worshippers and a community of faith; a productive church needs to be a community of love that includes all people especially the poor, the marginalized, the voiceless, the vulnerable, the broken, the sinful, the immigrants, the oppressed, the ostracized, and the outcast. A Christian must earn respect being lovable and charitable not by craving for power, influence and politics. “Brothers and sisters, to go on making even greater progress and to make a point of living quietly, attending to your own business and earning your living, just as we told you to.” (1 Thes.4:11). The responsorial invokes, “The Lord comes to rule the people with fairness.” (Ps.97:9). The Gospel instructs that the talent becomes fruitful when it is utilized and shared for the higher value and production. Who is the third person who hides the talent and wanted not to be used or seen by others in our family and in our churches? Are you one of them who hides what God has given you however significant and magnificent in your personal life? Everything we have and we have obtained in this world is for reaching out to someone and to attract the other using the resources and talents for God. God’s love and life in us are the best gifts we have received to draw more earnings profitable for our personal and communal salvation. May we open our hearts and lives to work committedly to increase what we have received from God. May you have a good day.

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