It is 9th September 2017. We celebrate the memorial of St. Peter Claver. The readings are from Colossians 1:21-23; and the Gospel from Luke 6:1-5. We are reconciled with God through God’s only beloved Son Jesus. It is to show that we are closer to God because of Christ Jesus. We enjoy a special favour to be near, chosen and loved by God through the Christ our Lord. God took this initiative to reconcile so that we all could stand before God at all times holy and blameless. Satan is ever ready to inflict guilt and shame and to put us down in front of God. St. Paul reminds us that we must stand firm to this effort God made through His Son Jesus. We must not be distracted, dissipated and drift away from the Word of God, the Wisdom of God and the Revelation of God, Jesus Himself. In our spiritual journey to encountering God, we must never slag down rather we need to go for one step closer to God no matter what pulls down. God is greater than the Church and its ministers. God is flawless and sinless. We can hold nothing wrong against God. Our unfulfilled expectations in our Small Christian Communities and in the Churches where we worship must not drag us down. There are somethings always we will never be happy in the Church and in the ministers of the Churches. Our dissatisfaction and disappoints in the means of salvation need not reduce our collaboration and cooperation in moving towards God daily. God reconciles everyone in God’s time. Let us be patient and persevering in celebrating the Word of God and offer our very selves to God. Such reconciliation demands personal holiness, loyalty to the Word of God, and a sincere openness in reconciling with one another. Let not our intentions and desires destroy the plan and reconciliation of God in the Church by unreasonable demands to do things the way we wish. As God made the efforts to make the friendship with the fallen humanity alive, we who have the faith issues like the believers in Colossae, need to reconcile with one another and be friend one another for the sake of the Word of God that offers our very salvation. The responsorial Psalm offer hope, “I have God for my help.” (Ps.53:6). The Gospel reminds us that celebrating the Sabbath means to thank God for all that we have received not finding fault with one another. God wants to satisfy our hunger in our Sunday worship by offering the Word of God to us week after week. We go to church to become friends of God not enemies of each other. Let us reconcile with one another, even when we are fully satisfied with the way the others perform in the church. Let not our personal holiness be colored and marred by the offensive behaviors of another. We still have another added commitment to reconcile them to God. May you have a good day.

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