It is 11th September 2017. The readings are from Colossians 1:24-2:3; and the Gospel from Luke 6:6-11. In the first reading, St. Paul encourages the community of Colossae that like him, they too need to be willing to suffer for the spread of the Gospel and to accept the suffering of Christ as the means of salvation. We are all related to Christ in terms of participating in the suffering of Christ by spreading and sharing the Good News of the Lord. Whenever we suffer on account of His name, His Divine Word, and for His kingdom of love, Christ himself suffers with us. During the time of St. Paul in Colossae, many were promoting a type of secret ideology and a flawless cultic plan to be spiritually perfect and exclusively given for very few people. But St. Paul refuted telling that Good News is open and welcoming plan of God for all those who accept and believe God’s only beloved Son Jesus. The riches and glory is revealed in Jesus. God’s secret plan is, ‘Christ in you, the hope of glory.’ We all can grow and motivate ourselves and around daily by shedding our fear, pride, selfishness and consistently loving and knowing God who offers that maturity in spiritual life with Christ. Christ and His teachings are for all people and races. We are even so closely and intimately connected through Christ our Lord and savior. Since we are all enjoying this salvific plan of God, we need to embark on journey to lead others to Christ without holding the saving plan of God in Christ as secret. In the responsorial Psalm we acclaim, “In God is my safety and glory.” (Ps.61:8). In the Gospel, Jesus fearlessly going ahead amidst the den of complainers and fault-finders to perform the healing that was required for survival of the man with the withered hand. There is no specific place or time for God to perform good. God does not wait for a special day, time and place to perform what God desires to perform, God would perform anyway. People could find fault with the good things we do and try to trap us and pin us down. We must never be afraid to do good. We must not make too many unnecessary rules and regulations that would not allow others to do good. We must never be shrinking within afraid of the enemies of Christ and the Gospel. We must be willing and courageous to do good in all circumstance. May you have a good day.

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