It is27th September 2017. We celebrate the memorial of St Vincent de Paul, Priest. The readings are from Ezra 9:5-9; and the Gospel from Luke 9:1-6. God punishes our iniquities yet shows mercy. When our sins are more than charitable deeds, we are ashamed and feeling guilty to face God. In the first reading, we reflect a prayer as a mini sermon pointing out the dying dedication towards God. It is now fifty years since the dedication of the temple happened when this prayer was raised by Ezra. At times, when we have a place of worship so close to reach, we seem to be growing weak in being faithful to the Lord. We are taking God for granted by pacifying ourselves saying that God understand our situation why we are not going to worship God. We too forsake God like that of people of Israel. Our enthusiasm dies by time if we are not sincere and honest with God. We need to pray and do penance regularly to deal with growing sins in us otherwise the sins invade God’s space in us and around us chocking us to the extent we begin to lament without praising and worshiping God. The responsorial Psalm praises, “Blessed be God who lives for ever.” (Tob.13:1). The Gospel encourages us to trust God always when we have decided to live for God. Christ has given us all the power to deal with the sins of the world. Let us not rely only on money-power, people-power and our administrative skills we think we have while lacking the ordinary human inter-relationship with one another. Our life needs to speak louder than our unending words. Our preaching might wound someone but not our healing presence. The world is desperately looking for persons who could offer such loving, caring and healing presence. Only in such encounters with one another, we encounter God himself. We must never demand love and hospitality from anyone. God will surely take care of us even if the entire world lack the considerations to offer we duly deserve for our service. May God bless you to serve Him without expecting anything at all not even the blessings from God. May you have a good day.

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