It is 9th October 2017. We have the memorials of Saints Denis and Companions, martyrs, Saint John Leonardi, and Blessed John Henry Newman. The readings are from Jonah 1:1-2:1, 11; and the Gospel from Luke 10:25-37. The first reading reveals a kind of attitude we need to have towards the other people who do not belong to our country and neighbourhood. Mercy of God is for all people not exclusively for one group or for one particular nation. We must not be satisfied being a representative of selective group of people in imparting love and mercy of God. Regardless of people, we must be willing to share the love of God with everyone. The way we share our goodness with the other brings us peace and blessings. The responsorial Psalm prays, “You will rescue my life from the pit, O Lord.” (Jon.2:7). The Gospel presents us with the story of Good Smaritan calling us to be kind, gentle, compassionate and charitable to those vulnerable people we come across in our lives. To enjoy the eternal life in our lives, we need to learn to enjoy the company of the neighbours. It is not enough that we recognize the others as neighbours, we need to treat them fairly. It is not just enough to follow the commandments to the fullest be satisfied while we willfully neglect the duties towards the neighbours. And therefore, our eligibility to enter into the eternal life merely depends on the way we love and treat the ones nearby not just the dear ones alone. Jesus said, “The one who showed mercy is the one who cared for the neighbour.” And He commanded, “Go and do likewise.” (Luke 10:37). We will never reach Heaven just by loving our own kind and colour. Let us treat one another respectfully as we expect our God to treat us lovingly. May you have a good day.

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