It is 20th November 2017. The readings are from 1 Maccabees 1:10-15, 41-43, 54-57, 62-64; and the Gospel from Luke 18:35-43. We begin reading this week from the two books of Maccabees. In the first reading we read the revolt led by Judas Maccabeus against the domination of the Greek thought, customs, and culture in the lives of the Jews. Judas means hammer (which is makkaba in Hebrew) who fought against the mighty king Antiochus Epiphanes who suppressed Jewish laws, customs and culture and persecuted the faithful Jews. As the history unfolds by the vision and longings of human rulers, God does not change the plan for the humanity. No one can be forced to love the others. Dictating rulers fall short of their own claimed arrogance and ruthlessness. We all need to promote unity in diversity not unity in uniformity. We must always promote the profound dialogue of life, faith and culture and never be afraid to share our common love for nature, humanity through our personal involvement in the works of charity. The responsorial Psalm intercedes, “Give me life, O Lord and I will do your will.” (Ps.118:88). In the Gospel, we encounter the Lord healing a blind beggar. Our encounter with the Lord must open the eyes of faith and to notice the shadows of our culture integration into the society. The blind man was specific in asking the Lord to help him see. Jesus wants to help us. Our encounter with Jesus must open the blindness in us. Without the persistent faith, we cannot get what we ask from the Lord. Our encounter with the Lord Jesus needs to have the powerful influence on the other and in the community. Let us join the procession with Jesus to live and experience our freedom and liberation. When we are blind spiritually, we are confined to ourselves. When we are healed by the Lord, we need to perceive ‘to see again.’ (Lk.18:41). May you have a good day.

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