It is 28th November 2017. The readings are from Daniel 2:31-45; and the Gospel from Luke 21:5-11. In the first reading, we reflect about the vision of the king and Daniel’s interpretation of the vision warning the king about the kingdoms that would follow the king that would not be faithful to God and they would fall and divide among themselves. But God assures the everlasting kingdom as we are looking up Christ the King. Human kingdoms however strong they are, they are all destined to fall for one reason or the other. The statue with its four sections in the dream of the king represented the mighty and wealthy kingdoms such as the Babylonians, the Medianites, the Persians and the Greek. However powerful political one could reach yet they cannot last long and eventually they all get destroyed. The pride and arrogance attached to the political power always make the powers to depart from God and behave as though a god. False propaganda, the longing for domination and capturing the power and positions all reveal the emptiness deep within each one of us. Every leader, whether one is from political, religious the community, or in the family begins well and gradually moves away from God due to greed, pride and arrogance. Unless we go through a sincere weeding and cleaning within our consciences, we all succumb to power not surrendering ourselves to God. The responsorial Psalm praises, “Give glory and eternal praise to him.” (Ps. The Gospel invites us to focus on God not on all the events that shocks and upsets us. We cannot stop the evil that is around us surely. Yet, we can and should stop the evil that grows within us and make us depart from God. Let us go away people who are famous and powerful rather let us choose to go out of our way for those who are in need. May the Lord rule our hearts and choices that would help someone smile and ourselves to come closer to Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour. May you have a good day.

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